A Degree in Fashion Merchandising: Become Part of the Online Fashion Revolution

by Fran Walker
Fashion School Review Columnist

December 16, 2005

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Until quite recently, the words "online" and "fashion" didn't really go together. While consumers would happily thumb through the glossies for fashion ideas, the Internet was a step too far. Well, now all that has changed - and the recent celebration of ten years of Vogue online is a case in point. Today's fashion merchandising professionals ignore the Internet at their peril. Future fashion merchandising professionals can even study degrees in fashion merchandising online.

Today's Fashion is Online

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Fashion is a sensual experience. No one believes that every element of today's fashions could be transferred online. However, whether you want Jimmy Choo shoes, Roland Mouret dresses or the high street equivalent, you can now buy them online. A new generation of user-friendly, customer-oriented sites mean you can click through an array of dresses, outfits and accessories until you find what you really want. Today's fashion merchandisers are partly responsible for this online fashion revolution. If you are considering a degree in fashion merchandising, you need to be Internet savvy too.

Why Not Take Your Degree in Fashion Merchandising Online?

Online fashion doesn't stop at retail. You can now pursue your degree in fashion merchandising through an online graduate school if you want. If you are already working in fashion or marketing, a degree in fashion merchandising undertaken online is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with exactly how the web works. Once you have your degree and your job in fashion merchandising, you can start making a buzz in the world of online fashion for yourself.

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