The Return of the Dress: A Feminine Career in Fashion Marketing

by Fran Walker
Fashion School Review Columnist

August 23, 2005

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Until recently, those who wanted a career in fashion designing and marketing dresses had little choice but couture and the red carpet. For the last few years, the emphasis seems very much to have been on dressing down. The good news is, this summer the dress is back, and if you had a taste for the feminine in your fashion degree, this is a great time to indulge it.

Dresses - At the Center of Today's Summer Fashion

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I have always loved dresses. Although today fashion seems to favor the tall and thin, dresses are versatile enough to flatter the short, hour-glass figure - very much my own. This summer has seen an explosion of color and styles in dresses, which I think makes the world of today's fashion seem that little bit brighter. The sheer variety in today's fashion means that you can pair vintage or gypsy dresses with jeans, giving shorter, less forgiving dresses a new lease of life.

Will Your Use Your Fashion Degree to Indulge Your Feminine Side?

Whether you are a planning a career in fashion marketing, or fashion design, your fashion degree will be your chance to develop your individual style. Joanne Stoner has used her love of feminine fashion to create

The local dress shop is almost extinct. Joanne Stoner's new website offers hundreds of dresses in many styles which can be ordered online. They range from luxurious wedding and prom dresses to the classic (and economical) little black dress. Just looking through the website is inspiration for a fashion degree, and a joy for dress lovers and designers alike.

Not every girl wants to dress this feminine - today's fashion is nothing if not varied. But, as Joanne points out, dresses are a practical option for work, and save you the problem of hunting out a matching, clean and ironed outfit. So if you dress to impress, and you fancy a career in fashion designing or marketing dresses, now is a great time to do it.


About the Author
Fran Walker is a freelance writer, editor and researcher specializing in educational, health, safety and domestic issues. Previously, she spent five years in marketing in the self-help, health and health and safety sectors before leaving to start a family

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