Fashion Merchandising Plays Central Role in Fashion Industry

by Joe Cooper
Fashion School Review Columnist

December 1, 2006

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Thing a great idea is a ticket for a fashion designer's success? Think again! Fashion merchandising can make or break a clothing line, if not an entire fashion house. It is one of the most important elements of retail fashion success. It is also one of the most popular fashion degree programs around. Here's why!

Fashion Merchandising: The Art and Science of Style Fashion merchandising is the art and science behind the manufacturing and promotion of clothing and accessory design. Fashion merchandising pros link the fashion designer, the retailer, and the consumer world. In other words, they are a critical variable in even the best line's equation for success.

The Economics of Fashion Merchandising
Good fashion treads far beyond the catwalk. The retail industry accounts for nearly a quarter of the entire U.S. economy, making fashion big business. A piece's success in the retail marketplace can determine success for the entire fashion design.

Fashion merchandising is an issue that affects a company's major financial decisions. Take stock prices, for example. The retailer Chico's recently received a hail of bad press and was downgraded by Wall Street analysts for alleged "missteps in fashion merchandising." How much did Chico lose and what sort of impact did it have on its business strategy?

Start Off on the Right Stilettoed Foot with a Fashion Marketing Degree
Fashion merchandising is one of the most popular fashion degrees available because it provides practical skills, a thorough background in fashion, and interactive programs that all help students start their fashion careers.

Here are some the most important lessons fashion merchandising degree programs teach:

  • Garment sourcing and production
  • Fashion buying
  • Retail economics
  • How window displays attract or turn off shoppers
  • How in-store displays effect sales

A fashion degree can help you launch an exciting career in a booming industry. Gain real world experience through fashion projects and internships, then land your first job in fashion merchandising.


About the Author
Joe Cooper is a freelance education and technology writer and edits medical literature. He holds a bachelor's in American Literature from UCLA.

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