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by Lynsey Hemstreet
Fashion School Review Columnist

June 15, 2006

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Fashion design is a coin with two sides: design of the pieces, and the merchandising of the line. As a fashion designer, you'll have a leg up on the competition if you know how to design and make clothes, as well as how to get stores interested in carrying your garments. Read on for more information on finding a fashion design and merchandising school.

From the Table to the Street

Pursue A
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The Art Institutes

The Art Institute
In the United States, much of the production of fashion design takes place overseas or in other countries. But even as popular as American ideas of fashion design are around the globe, Americans set the trends from their own country. While in fashion design and merchandising school, you will learn all the aspects of the creation of clothing. How does each garment evolve as it passes from the design table, through a pattern-making program, onto a bolt of cloth, and finally onto the racks?

After you understand the process of fashion design, you'll learn about buying patterns and trends. You will be able to recognize brand consistencies, and study how to market to a particular clientele. How do you build a marketing strategy or a promotional campaign for your fashion design line? If you have an interest in advertising, shopping and a flair for fashion design, this would be a perfect fit for you.

Hone Your Skills

In fashion design and merchandising school, you'll learn the basics of the business side in classes like accounting, marketing, and business. Also, you'll study the role of advertising in fashion design, the impact of different markets like website ordering and catalog sales. You'll also study the country's demographics to determine your best markets, in your drive to move your fashion design ideas from your head into stores.


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