Britney Spears and Other Celebrity Moms Could Help Your Fashion Merchandising Career

by Fran Walker
Fashion School Review Columnist

October 3, 2005

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Britney Spears has grown up, and is now growing outwards. In doing so, she has joined one of the fastest growing, and trendiest, areas of fashion - maternity. Fashion Merchandising is all about spotting and anticipating such trends. When I had my first child (1997), most maternity wear was still of the dungaree and smock variety. Thankfully, fashion merchandising has finally recognized its unlimited potential, and the need of the mom to be to feel feminine and comfortable. At fashion merchandising college and in your subsequent career, you will need to recognize this too.

Britney Spears' Fledgling Fashion Merchandising Career

Pursue A
Fashion Degree
The Art Institutes

The Art Institute
After marketing her own fragrance, and before getting pregnant, Britney and her husband were attending art college to learn about fashion, with a view to developing their own fashion line. In truth, celebrities who work with designers to produce their own range would be better attending fashion merchandising college.

Fashion merchandising involves the business side of fashion. If you have a passion and good eye for fashion, but not the artistic skills, a fashion merchandising career would allow you to work with designers to buy and develop ranges, and market them afterwards.

What You Will Learn at Fashion Merchandising College

Now Britney has been distracted from her would-be fashion merchandising career, she is spending her time splashing out on designer baby wear. At fashion merchandising college, you will learn both to anticipate the trends in maternity fashion, and use the cult of celebrity to adapt expensive brands. There are now regular mother and baby fashion shows in the UK and the US, all of which are down to graduates of fashion merchandising college.

Fashion merchandising college will provide you with some fashion design and textile training, and the ability to work with designers. You will learn about business planning, purchasing, and everything you need to spot and produce the lines that all the celebrities will want to buy. As in any area of fashion, the designer wear favored by Britney Spears and her peers can be watered down for the ordinary family budget. In doing so, your fashion merchandising career will be doing ordinary moms like me an enormous favor.

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Fran Walker is a freelance writer, editor and researcher specializing in educational, health, safety and domestic issues. Previously, she spent five years in marketing in the self-help, health and health and safety sectors before leaving to start a family

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