Apparel Manufacturing in New York - What You Need to Know

by Fran Walker
Fashion School Review Columnist

November 7, 2005

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With New Zealand fashion week in October, it seems that fashion shows are everywhere now, and that can only be a good thing for fashion. But if you are living in the USA, and want to work in fashion design, New York houses some of the best fashion schools. Once you graduate, there is also an awesome range of fashion jobs in New York. In fact apparel manufacturing has been vital to New York's economy in the past - and will be in the future.

Apparel Manufacturing in New York and the Textile Wars

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Of the 100,000 fashion jobs in New York, 40,000 work in apparel and textile manufacturing - traditionally the lowest paid fashion jobs. While the recent textile wrangles between the US and China mean little to many people, they could mean a lot to New York. Apparel manufacturing generates $3.5 billion annually and is New York's fourth biggest export. With cheaper labor and goods coming from the east, New York may see changes to its apparel manufacturing industry.

Fashion Jobs in New York

With the apparel manufacturing wars threatening to take a bite out of the Big Apple, it is vital that fashion design in New York retains its edge. Thankfully, she sheer quality of fashion schools there makes this very likely. New York is a magnet for the world's biggest designers, fashion jobs, retailers and brands. Haute Couture is flourishing and the shows unparalleled. It is the world's "fashion capitol" after all.

Fashion Design in New York Schools and After

Of the 1,000 fashion design students graduating from New York schools each year, many stay to pursue fashion jobs and careers in New York. New York is a hotbed for talent, originality and innovation in fashion, and this reputation is what will ensure the future of fashion jobs in New York. Next time I'll tell you some of the ways you can be part of it.


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